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MAGNIFY offers a marketing partnership that will allow your company access
to a full team of professionals to increase sales and achieve results.

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For most businesses, it does not make financial sense to employ a full team of marketers to create, develop and implement a marketing strategy on a monthly basis. There are many moving parts and specialty skills required to do things right. Having an in-house marketing manager or executive will certainly help but it won’t solve everything. Typically these people have great organisational and creative skills but may lack top expertise in the areas of design, web development, social media advertising, re-marketing, PPC, SEO etc. All these skills are vital for any successful marketing campaign.

At MAGNIFY we can offer your business a ‘Digital Marketing Partnership’ that will cover all of these bases for you and your business. We will work directly with your marketing manager/executive or assign you one from our team.

We have highly skilled people in all of the technical areas mentioned above, they successfully increase and drive many marketing campaigns on a monthly basis. These campaigns achieve huge increases in both sales and awareness. We can develop a dedicated team of experts with the relevant skills to achieve and surpass your requirements and goals each month. We provide in-depth monthly reports on output, including detailed reports on all time and money spent.

As your marketing partner we are driven to achieve required results as efficiently as possible. If we can save your company money and get the same or even better results then we will advise you on this. We become your partners, advisors and implementers when it comes to your marketing. We will make you stand out from the crowd and look ultra professional while achieving results. Our job is simply to increase your businesses bottom line and to advise on opportunities for your business to increase monthly revenues.

Areas of expertise:

Strategic Marketing
Social Media Marketing – High Level
Social Media Tracking & Re-Marketing
Google AdWords, PPC & Display Advertising
Google Re-Marketing
Data Capture & Strategies
Personalised Email Marketing & Re-Marketing
Strategic Web Development
Content Creation, Blogs, Social Content, Images, Video, Podcasts, interviews etc.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Social Media Content Management – Facebook, Twitter
Event creation, implementation and management

We can dedicate a team with the specific skills required to achieve your business goals. Think of us as your full marketing team.

We are business and results focused. We really care. We work hard to ensure results, as we know that if we keep our customers happy then we can look forward to a long-lasting relationship, growing and excelling together.

Main Industries of specialty are as follows:

eCommerce Retail
Motor Dealers
Services Sector
Hospitality & Tourism

Drop us a line either by mail or phone to arrange a no obligation meeting where we can discuss how we can specifically help your business.